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                                                                                                     11th doctor imagine

                                                                                                           Your choice

(This happens after the doctor returns to the TARDIS, after his encounter with Clara. Y/N was a bit grumpy the whole time they were coming back. The Doctor doesn’t know why she’s grumpy.)

The Doctor: Y/N, are you okay? You seem unusually grumpy.

Y/N: No, I’m not okay! I’m tired of you not caring!

The Doctor: So what, you want me to go back to saving the universe that doesn’t care? And to possibly lose you? Sorry, can’t do that.

Y/N: Well you don’t know if you’re gonna lose me! And the universe isn’t the only thing that doesn’t care, the same goes to you! How do I put it so you understand? Oh, I know! Think of it like this. So, you don’t care about the universe anymore about the universe do you?

The doctor: No, I don’t.

Y/N: And caring is an emotion, yeah?

The Doctor: Well, yeah but I don’t know where you’re going with this.

Y/N: So, that’s an emotion gone. Then, at least from my POV, love is…reduced. Kindness is also reduced. You know what that looks like for me? The process of becoming something like a cyberman. (She starts walking to her room.) So you chose. (Leaning against her doorframe.) Do you want to be the time lord that I fell in love with or be like a cyberman? (Gets in her room and shuts the door.)

The Doctor is left in the console room thinking about what she said.

11th doctor imagine
Just a little imagine I threw up. Yes, I know it sucks and I can't write stories, but please tell me what you think.

1) Dogs or cats? Or do you prefer another animal?
Dogs FTW! I love cats too though.

2) What's the weirdest place you've ever fallen asleep in?
I haven't really fell asleep in any weird places...ever

3) Movies or books?

4) Favorite character of all time?
Jack Fost or The Doctor. Can't decide.

5) Would you like some hot chocolate? Meow :3
Why yes I would. Thanks :)

6) Do you have snow where you're at?
Not right now :( But it was here for one day a couple of weeks ago.

7) Favorite season?

8) Hug?
Sure *Hugs*

9) What is one pet peeve of yours?
I Dunno.

10) You are awesome, high five before we part?
Sure *High fives*



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